HAMLET HUB: An Evening of One Acts at Ridgefield Theater Barn takes you on a spectacular rollercoaster between life, death and human relationships

Stealing a Kiss by Laurie Allen was the last show of the night and I think that was a genius move, as it was, in three words, delightful, delightful, and delightful. While the previous scene was hilarious through and through, this one had just a bit more heart, which, while funny, endeared you instantly to the characters. We open at a bus station, where Sue, played by Stephanie Hepburn, is sitting with her umbrella out, but it’s not raining, and Harvey, played by Larry Greeley, has a lot to say about it, much to her displeasure. I’m hesitant to give much more away, as part of the fun of the scene was watching how the conversation grew and the two characters began to warm up to one another, but let me tell you one thing: It’s fantastic. Hepburn and Greeley do an incredible, realistic job. I found myself totally lost in the performance and I’m convinced you will too.


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