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Forever Has Now Arrived

10 minute play  (1M, 1F, 1 Optional)

Kevin arrives in Heaven and tries to figure out how he got there and how he can convince the welcoming Angel to zap him back to Earth.


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What You See is What You Get

10 minute play  (2F)  Drama

This play examines the difficult relationship between a conservative mother and her daughter who is a lesbian.

Dynamite & Sassy Pants

10 minute play  (1M, 1F)  Comedy

This play takes place outside of the Loving Arms Nursing Home. Two residents, Frank and Ruby, meet, fall in love and decide to runaway together. 


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Full-Length play  (2M, 2F)  Drama

Collisions tells the story of Bill Bennett, a man whose life was destroyed when his wife and daughter were killed by a drunk driver.   Now himself a drunk, he’s bitter and angry, fighting to drown out the pain that resides within his soul.  When Jaime, his sixteen-year-old neighbor invades his life, Bill is forced to connect to another human being once again.  


The Naked Man  

Published by Original Works Publishing

10-minute play  (1M, 1F)  Comedy

Do clothes really make the man?  Calvin Bartley, a successful attorney is also a naturist.  When Jamie Teague enters his office after hours to inquire about a cleaning job, she is both startled and embarrassed to walk in on this nude attorney sitting behind his desk.  


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It Is Well With My Soul

One-Act play  (4M, 4F)  Christian Drama

It Is Well With My Soul is based on the true story of Horatio G. Spafford, Jr. who penned one of the most beautiful and comforting Christian Hymns after losing his four daughters when the Ville du Harve sank in the Atlantic Ocean in November 1873. 

Trailer Trash

Published by Off The Wall Plays

One-Act play  (1M, 3F)   Drama

A drama that revolves around the the complicated relationshop between two long term residents of a trailer park, five times divorced Roxanne and prim Doris, who lost everything in a fire and who has been forced to live in an old school bus because she has nowhere else to go.  When the landlord announces that he is going to evict Doris from her bus, Doris turns to Roxanne for help.  This drama builds on the evolving relationship between the two women.


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Cakes Galore

Published by Eldridge Plays & Musicals

Full-Length Play  (3M, 5F)   Comedy

Two older ladies, Helen and Fern, are the force behind the church's program to feed the poor.  But their outreach program of serving soup and sandwiches may not last much longer because the church just doesn't have the funds.  Helen decides the only way to continue is to ask for donations from the hungry people who show up.  Naturally the few coins she collects won't go far, so she borrows one of the "Will work for food" signs from one of the bums and begs for money on a busy street corner.  The pastor is appalled and rushes off to get her back.  Sugar, an ex-stripper who finds the shy pastor attractive, suggest they hold a fundraiser, a '50's themed bash.  Helen is able to get more than a hundred cakes "donated", but unfortunately they hold their event on the same night as the town's high school football's homecoming and the rival church's free complete turkey dinner!  When no one shows up, Autumn, a yong woman who has been poising as a homeless person, suggests a great alternative for these "Cakes Galore!"


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