Review from the Standard Times, "Ladies of the Night"

Nice review from the Standard Times of my play, Ladies of the Night, from the performances last weekend in Arcata, CA!


“Ladies of the Night” by Laurie Allen, directed by Molly Severdia and featuring Christina Augello and Mary Severdia. This was the perfect show to get things underway with its delightfully ditzy take on what happens when a pair of senior women set out to escape and run away from home (a care home) to finally have a new adventure.


But, of course these best friends since high school can’t stop bickering enough about both having kissed, and/or made out with each other’s boyfriends (future husbands) back then to eventually get any further away than the front steps of the home. So, their plan of “staying at a close-by Motel 6” never happens, especially since they can’t get either of the drivers of two passing cars to pick them up as promising “Ladies of the Night.” (No matter how seductively” Severdia’s character sticks out her leg — shades of Claudette Colbert in the classic film, “It Happened One Night.”)


I admit, the comedic timing between Severdia and Augello (along with their naughty “Golden Girls” dialogue and “Friends For Ever” hand bump routine) made me fall in love what they did, and want to see where they might go on some “Lucy and Ethel” adventures in the future. So, I hope playwright Allen takes them there. (And props to director Molly Severdia for steering her mom, Mary, and Augello on their hilarious, short, journey together. She said, “I just basically left them alone, and they played themselves.”